William Theodore Thompson + Susannah Allen

13 children
John Henry Thompson
Birth: March 6, 1865 22 19Marlsborough, Kent, England
Death: May 6, 1865Marlsborough, Kent, England
Mary Ann Thompson
Birth: April 29, 1866 24 20Marlsborough, Kent, England
Death: November 22, 1876Marlsborough, Kent, England
Jane Thompson
Birth: August 15, 1868 26 22Rotherham, York, England
Death: November 16, 1954Auburn, Placer, California
Martha Thompson
Birth: December 24, 1870 28 25Rotherham, Yorkshire, England
Death: Little Martha aged three years became ill with pneumonia and passed away shortly after. Her father Wm Theodore Thompson was present at her death.REF: Death Certificate Application #B382636. Kimberworth, Yorkshire, England.December 19, 1874Rotherham, Yorkshire, England
Richard Thompson
Birth: Richard was born while they were still living on Don Island. Sadly, he only lived abt 1 year and 2 months.December 24, 1872 30 27Rotherham, Yorkshire, England
Death: February 10, 1873Rotherham, Yorkshire, England
Susan Thompson
Birth: October 6, 1874 32 29Rotherham, Yorkshire, England
Death: September 8, 1927Delano, Kern, California, United States
Grace D. Thompson
Birth: March 18, 1877 35 31Rotherham, Yorkshire, England
Death: August 15, 1925Greenville, Beaver, Utah, United States
Rosetta Thompson
Birth: May 15, 1882 40 36Greenville, Beaver, Utah, United States
Death: September 3, 1953Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, United States
Florence Thompson
Birth: TwinOctober 22, 1890 48 45Greenville, Beaver, Utah, United States
Death: In her husband's obituary it states that Florence died in August of 1950 in El Segundo where they had lived for about seven years. Unsure if Salt Lake City is the correct place of death.August 20, 1950Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, United States
Lawrence Thompson
Birth: TwinOctober 22, 1890 48 45Greenville, Beaver, Utah, United States
Death: December 9, 1957Greenville, Beaver, Utah, United States
David Leonard Thompson
Birth: January 29, 1895 52 49Greenville, Beaver, Utah, United States
Death: March 15, 1978Caliente, Lincoln, Nevada, United States

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Marriage Ref: MA723601 Somerset House, London, England. Sometime after 1864 they resided on Don's Island living close to John and Sarah, who lived on a barge called
June 12, 1864
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